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Studio ADI - Saberback Turntable 01

Here's a fun project I was fortunate to get to collaborate on with @thestudioadi @alec_gillis and @paulkomoda . This was a design that Alec had sketched out years ago and then had the awesome creature designer Paul Komoda do his magic in a value sketch, with all the awesome details, organic forms and highlights on tan paper that he does, if you're familiar. So I worked with Alec to create this in 3D based off a series of Paul's sketches (Front, side, etc.) and then developed the sculpture with Alec's feedback to create the Saberback bust that can be 3D printed, painted and mounted on the wall as a gallery piece. The headdress of organic plant-like structures were a lot of fun to create, based on Paul's aesthetic. Thanks again for looping me in on this project Alec and awesome design iterations Paul, you made this a really fun creature to work on!!